About the show

The Country Mile is a WEEKLY radio show, playing mainly the best of new and current traditional Country music. Think of it as…..REAL Country! Classic, authentic sounding artists. Honky Tonk. Outlaw. Bluegrass. Each week, there will be a couple of older tracks back to back too. The show is one hour long and is heard on several stations around the world.

I hosted an award winning Blues & Roots show on community radio here in the south west of England for over five years. The Country Mile is the first time I have produced a radio show from my small modest home studio.

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ARTISTS: I am always open to music submissions. I am also aware of the costs of sending CD’s, so although I wouldn’t turn a disc down, I am also happy to accept mp3’s and WAV files. EMAIL: thecountrymileuk@yahoo.com [ mailing address for CD’s is available if you get in touch! ]

I always prefer to be sent a selection of songs please – if I am sent just one track, it can limit what I can do with it! I also carefully select each playlist, I don’t just throw them together. So if you send a variety of songs, it helps when I put playlists together, eg: if I am after a slower song or something more up tempo. Also, with music being such a personal thing, your taste and mine could differ! And obviously, the more you send me, the more chance there is you will feature on more than one edition of the show 😉

Please be aware that I am not able to play any song that has any ‘naughty’ words in the lyrics.

All song submissions are very gratefully received – I will always do my best for you – but please be aware that I reserve the right to play them or not – I only use songs I really like. Again, that is personal choice and never a reflection of an artists talent, what I like, others may not and vice versa. I am building up a nice list of fellow Country radio DJ’s from around the world, so if I feel I can help share you elsewhere, I will try and do so.

I will usually tag artists on Facebook when something is being played and playlists will be posted there too. A share from artists played when this happens is always helpful and appreciated 🙂